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Crossing the Border


Immigration regulations require that each person be inspected when crossing the land border between the United States and Canada. Specific forms of identification are required at all land border crossings.  For adult citizens of the USA and Canada, a passport, passport card or enhanced driver's license is recommended.  Other trusted traveler documents (such as NEXUS and FAST) are also accepted. Travelers under the age of 15 may enter using an original birth certificate and Citizenship Card.


Regulations regarding exemptions and restrictions for belongings or merchandise brought into across the international border exist. There are variable restrictions for taking alcohol, tobacco products, certain foods, etc. across the border.  Please be prepared to declare all belongings and show receipts for purchases when reporting to border agents for entry.


Immigration and customs requirements are subject to change without notice. It is recommend you obtain and review current literature published by Canadian and U.S. Border Protection Agencies prior to your visit.


For current and comprehensive Customs & Immigration information, contact the following agencies directly:


U.S. Customs and Border Protection315-482-2261 (Alexandria Bay, NY office) (See the “Travel” section.)


Canada Border Services Agency613-659-2301 (Port of Lansdowne, ON office)


*The limit of goods Canadians can bring home DUTY FREE increased! Canadians visiting the U.S. for 24 hours may bring back $200 per person worth of goods duty free, up from the previous $50 limit. Trips lasting at least 48 hours (think a weekend visit) can result in $800 of goods per person returned duty free; it was previously $400. For more information, read here.


1000 Islands International Tourism Council
Watertown, NY and Jefferson County, NY 
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