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Local Eateries

There are countless ways to tempt your taste buds in Watertown. Picking which locally-owned dining spot to hit first is a pleasant challenge.

You're invited to sit down at the water's edge, or relax in a comfy booth or table to experience the local fare, where your palate will feed, and your thirst will be quenched. Watertown offers more than 30 locally owned restaurants and pubs.

Watertown has Italian offerings in Cavallario's Cucina and Art's Jug, wonderful steaks from Sboro's and Pete's Trattoria and craft drinks at Skewed Brewing.

If you want to take in a view while you eat, head to the Black River and enjoy the patio of Maggie's On The River.

Comfort food can be found at Shorty's, Jeans Beans and The Fairgrounds Inn; raise a pint at Coleman's or The Paddock Arcade.

Be sure to sample the award-winning Black Betty chicken wings at Time Warp Tavern.

No matter where you dine, rest assured you will be served truly fresh produce, meats and seafood!

Crystal Restaurant
on Public Square

The iconic Crystal Restaurant in downtown Watertown is a must-stop for any foodie. The restaurant on Public Square has been serving classic fare for nearly 100 years. The restaurant stands out with its large adorning sign over the entrance to the restaurant. The Crystal is famous for its "Tom and Jerry's" each holiday season, a seasonal cocktail similar to eggnog. The drink contains a special egg batter, hot water, rum, brandy, cinnamon and nutmeg.

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